Thursday, January 31, 2013


I started working at my current job in June of 2010, which means I've had the same job for 2 years and 8 months. In the volumes of my personal history I have several chapters of different jobs I have held; some I quit because I was bored or found a better offer, some I left because I moved, some I fulfilled my temporary status and the job was completed, others I parted ways with because of what we'll call (*ahem) artistic differences with a boss, etc., but overall I didn't hold any of those jobs as long as I've held this one. I'm on a roll!

And I'm completely bored.

Honestly, I've been bored with my job for quite a bit of time now, maybe even half of the time I've been working here...but who's counting? My role in the company has changed, and while I've helped the company grow in volume of business and number of personnel on staff I feel like I've reached a point where I can no longer progress or move up in the company. My last raise was in June 2011, and my last request for a raise was turned down. Anyhow, I've been trying to stick it out as long as possible, mostly because a regular paycheck is healthy for my lifestyle, and to be honest, my job has felt very secure. I know what to expect when I go in to the office, I know what is expected of me, and I haven't felt qualified enough to make the leap into the field I came to California hoping to work in.

Hopefully that's all about to change!

In order to entertain myself and extend my patience (read: keep my sanity) at my full-time job, I have started picking up side jobs. I have progressed enough in my aerial training to start booking some performance gigs (as you saw in this other post), I am an instructor of birthday parties at one aerial studio, help out as needed with private events and introductory classes at another studio and, FINALLY, after nearly 3 years in Los Angeles, I have started working in Entertainment Management! I am currently working alongside a gal I met before the move to California booking a small Northwestern tour for a couple of musicians. It'll take some footwork before the booking thing starts bringing in the dollars and allows me to transition into entertainment full-time, but it's paying me with industry experience and a wealth of contacts in the meantime. I can deal with that.

So, for your enjoyment, check out these artists - coming soon to a venue near you!*
*As long as you currently reside in Northern California, Oregon, and Washington state... =)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Down Days

**Disclaimer- this is not me saying "oh my gosh today was a terrible day;" I've been thinking about the way different people react to different situations and thought I'd take it to the blog.**

I'm curious- do you ever have a random "down day?" I mean the ones that sneak up on you and don't seem to be caused by a negative event, hormones, or anything you can put your finger on. What do you do when you encounter one? What go-to's help you feel better? Exercise induced endorphins? Junk food? Cozy pajamas and a good book? What if the usuals don't work?

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Prompted by a friend's Facebook post today, I took the personality test (based on the Jung and Briggs Myers personality test). I've taken the test a few times before; in high school I remember being an ENFP which was very fitting at the time. Another time I took it I don't remember the entire result, but it started with an I (standing for introvert), which surprised me. This time though, I think the results are pretty accurate for where I'm at in my life. I am an:
Extravert(11%)  Sensing(12%)  Feeling(38%)  Judging(67%)
  • You have slight preference of Extraversion over Introversion (11%)
  • You have slight preference of Sensing over Intuition (12%)
  • You have moderate preference of Feeling over Thinking (38%)
  • You have distinctive preference of Judging over Perceiving (67%)
What does this mean? Here's some info I gathered: I fall under the category of a protector (other categories are creator, intellectual, and visionary), sub-category: supporter (sub-categories are different in each category). 12% of the population is a protector-supporter. I won't bore you by pasting all of the details here, but there's a description of an ESFJ along with a list of famous people who are also ESFJs here:

Interesting to me while searching for info on ESFJs were some the career choices suggested for my personality type:
-Hotel and Restaurant Management (umm - my degree is in Meetings and Events Management from the Hotel College at UNLV. Coincidence?)
-Social Work
The last 3 were all things I considered studying in college. Hmm. We may have an accurate test result on our hands.

What personality type are you?

Sweeping 2013

I rarely enter drawings/sweepstakes/contests, etc. because I feel the odds of winning are slim, and when entering contests you're basically asking for companies to send more junk mail to your mailbox and email inbox. I have won a couple of things in the past - a television at my high school's after prom my senior year, and a pair of tickets to a Keith Urban concert at the Mandalay Bay via a new country radio station when I was going to school in Las Vegas. Both were great prizes; I actually still have (and use) the television.

I'm not sure what has inspired me to do so now, but I have suddenly started entering any sweepstakes that looks interesting. Maybe I just want an all-expenses paid vacation since my budget will not be allowing anything extra for a while. Here's what I've entered to win so far:

-Two tickets to the Grammys (winner announced Jan. 31st)
-A Disney Western Carribbean Magical Cruise for 4 (winner drawn around Feb. 5th)
-Las Vegas Aria Giveaway with tickets to Cirque du Soleil's Zarkana for 2 (winner drawn Feb. 6th)
-NYC Gourmet Getaway for 2 (winner drawn Feb. 1st)
-Ellen's Australia Giveaway for 2 (can't find an exact date, but looks like March)
-Cher's Woman's World Video Shoot Giveaway for 1 (winner drawn TODAY!! - Excited!)

Call me crazy, but maybe entering a ton of contests will increase my odds of winning SOMETHING. Now excuse me while I cross my fingers, walk backwards all day, and throw salt over my shoulder. Cher's giveaway is happening today. I'm winning this one.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy New Year!

I almost blogged every month of 2012! ...until I didn't post anything in November and December. I guess I could give a list of excuses, including the fact that I no longer have internet at home, but really, I was just lazy. I could have blogged from the app on my phone.

I do want to ask though, who out there still reads my blog on occasion? Has it been interesting to read throughout the last year, or has it been pushed to the list of blogs you feel obligated to keep reading because you found it (or me) interesting at one point? I'm honestly curious! I tend to blog a lot about aerial acrobatics, as it takes up a lot of my attention outside of work, but if it's not interesting to read about let me know and I'll make an effort to include more non-aerial related posts throughout the year. I didn't start this blog to be a journal for myself (even though it kind of does that anyway), I wanted the opportunity to write for others' enjoyment. I love the feeling of writing something that I can go back and enjoy reading as well. To this day my favorite post on my blog is this one. Makes me laugh every time.

So please, give me your feedback!
-What topics have been interesting/not interesting?
-More/less photos?
-Is my occasionally snarky sense of humor offensive or entertaining?
I want to hear your thoughts!

Happy Blogging!