Sunday, May 11, 2014

That's A Wrap! Or Is It?

My circus show "This End Up" wrapped things up on April 27th after two awesome weekends of shows. It was SO fun! We had a cast of 8 performers and 1 tech guy, and let me tell you - everyone poured a little bit of their soul into this production! Many of our performers hadn't met before rehearsals began, yet everyone fit together quite nicely and enjoyed bonding with each other during our time at the warehouse. Just a week after our last show we were in full break-down mode; disassembling the truss, scaffolding, lighting, cleaning, packing, moving, etc. When everything was cleaned up and power washed it looked like we had never been in the warehouse at all! Kind of sad, but satisfying at the same time knowing we had completed the project Mike, Krista, and I had set out to do last year (sad that Krista was unable to stay with us to see the final project - she's traveling the USA with another circus!).

The doors to the warehouse may be closed, but our circus will go on!

Throughout the process of setting up the warehouse and running the rehearsals Mike and I were approached and in negotiations for a show contract, and by the time we finished breaking everything down Mike and I had officially formed our LLC and signed the contract to bring our show to the LA County fair this fall! We are over the moon for this opportunity! We open labor day weekend, and will be performing 3 to 4 shows a day for 23 days between August 29th and September 28th. Now come the production meetings, budgeting, the restructuring of the show to fit into a 30 minute time frame, wardrobe updates, scheduling of performers (we only need 5 there per day instead of the full cast of 8), requests for permits, etc. We are going to be TIRED by the end of this, but a very satisfied, happy to be doing what we love kind of tired. I feel so blessed right now!