Friday, March 27, 2009


res⋅ti⋅tu⋅tion [res-ti-too-shuhn] –noun
1. reparation made by giving an equivalent or compensation for loss, damage, or injury caused; indemnification.

I have been asked by a few of my friends if I had plans to ever update my blog again... so here is my peace offering, by month. It's about time, right??


My third roommate, Cynthia, moved in to my condo - and my room! After her first semester at UNLV Cynthia decided that the course of study she was on was not what she wanted to do, and left college. Wanting to stay in the ward, she moved in with me! I couldn't ask for a better roommate to share my room with - she's very easy to get along with. Her plans are to attend a school of cosmetology starting this summer.

Yet another semester at UNLV began for me, and I started to adjust myself to another 18 credit load; only this time half of my credits are being earned via distance education - i.e. online classes. Not my ideal, that's for sure, but due to the economic situation and the resulting budget cuts in all of Nevada's higher education, online courses are all they are offering in order to complete a minor in Entertainment management.

At the beginning of each semester at the institute building next to campus new chairpeople are called to fill in any open positions in LDSSA (Latter-day Saint Student Association). I was called to take the place of the publicity chairperson; meaning I type up the weekly announcements for the institute. It's not much for now, but come Fall semester I will also be in charge of coordinating all homecoming activities to compete against all of the greek societies on campus (fraternities and sororities). Last year LDSSA won all but one award possible for homecoming, so I have some big shoes to fill!


I've decided that February is one of the most challenging months of the year for me, but thankfully it was also a very fun month for me this year! I might actually break this month down by day... so much happened!

Sunday the 1st- Our ward was given special permission to be dismissed after Sacrament Meeting to go to a special fireside held by Elder L. Tom Perry for all of the young single adults in Las Vegas. I thought it was funny that it was Elder Perry; this was the third time I had met him - I've met him about every two years! Later in the day my roommate Airline announced that she and her boyfriend Eric were engaged, and had been keeping it a secret for some time, but decided it was time to tell me because I had asked for 30 days notice if she were to move out. I was happy for her, but sad that she would be moving so soon. I also asked a guy from my ward to the regional sadie hawkins dance that was coming up later in the month. I was excited to go with him because of his enthusiasm to dress up (the theme was famous couples).

Tuesday the 3rd- Such a hard day! To sum up a five hour conversation... I poured out my heart and soul to someone and was terribly disappointed when I was turned down. I have never been hurt so bad before! It made me re-evaluate and question my experiences during another important time in my life.

Wednesday the 4th- Went through the motions of my day and called back my date to sadie's who had tried to get ahold of me during work. He cancelled on me - said something else came up (later I discovered he got a girlfriend)... definitely salt on the very fresh and open wound I had received the night before. I got in my pajamas, crawled into bed and then bawled my eyes out to my friend Emily when she came over to spend some time with me.

The weekend of the 6th-8th- Decided to run away from life even though both of my travel partners bailed out of the trip to Utah we'd coordinated. I went anyway. I got to spend time with my cousin Aubrey and see my friend Kate who I met on my mission. The highlights of the weekend however were decorating Ashley's door for her birthday a week early and going to my Grandma April's open house and farewell before she left on her mission to Nauvoo! I'm so proud of her!

Friday the 13th- I blasted 3 of my fingers with hot steam while helping out with Friday Lunch that we have every week at the institute. Talk about instant blisters! Steam burns hurt really bad! Later Ashley, Laura and Becca came into town as part of our now annual tradition of spending a weekend together in Vegas. We had fun playing as much as we could and celebrating Ashley's birthday on Sunday before they headed back to Utah.

Friday the 20th- Dressed up like a ninja and kidnapped someone from my ward for a friend. I think that's all I need to say here...

Friday the 27th- Put my month long plans for Airline's wedding and reception to use and decorated a church gym quite nicely for not having a budget.

So far this month I have participated in the induction ceremony of the Golden Key International Honor Society as a new member, spent a fun weekend here in town with my cousins Aubrey and Angela who visited from Utah, discovered the fun and excitement and adventure involved in geocaching (PUMPKIN!!!), started an intense workout schedule (that I'm great at sticking to some days, and not so good other days...) to get ready for the UNLV dance team tryouts in April, stressed about finding an internship so I can graduate in December (cross your fingers!), came up with a back-up plan if I can't find said internship, booked a flight to New Zealand with Ashley, and filed my taxes.
I still haven't found another roommate to take Airline's place here in my condo though, so if you all know of someone who's looking for a new place to live you can send her my way!!
Well, I think that about does it for now... hopefully that wasn't too boring to read. :)