Thursday, April 25, 2013

Train of Thought

I've had a lot more time to sit and think lately. Well, I'm not necessarily sitting, but that's not the point. With a lot more down time I catch my thoughts wandering quite randomly through current challenges, past experiences, and all sorts of craziness. For your enjoyment I share with you a small part of what was running through my mind tonight.

Scene: in my car running a few late night errands, one of which involved stopping for frozen yogurt - because I wanted to.

Thought process: I don't want to eat this alone in the store, I'll get it to go. Tax is cheaper that way anyway. (Driving) I don't want to eat this at home either- Paris (the roommate's dog) was bugging me all day; I'm kind of at my limit as to how much attention I can give her today. The roommate will probably be home and walking on the treadmill as well, that's noisy. Yeah, definitely not going home. Okay, where can I go? Is there a park nearby? It's dark - even if I found a park, would it be safe? I wish I was back in Colorado, I know what parks are safe at night. Or, at least which ones I feel comfortable in. I have no idea how safe they really are. Gosh the moon looked cool on my way down here, too bad it's already changed...OOOH! Airplanes! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... (looking back at the road) 6,789.... (looking at the road again) there's at least 12 in line to land. I love watching planes land. Vegas had a cool place to park and watch planes land. I wonder if that bridge I used to pass on my way home from work has a place I can park and watch planes - that's where I want to eat my dessert. 

(After driving many extra miles and only finding streets with no parking signs near the airport...) 

Fine. I'm parking by the beach. Can't see the planes anymore, but I can hear them taking off... (opening frozen yogurt) I like maraschino cherries. When did I learn to tie cherry stems with my tongue? Seems like I've always been able to do it. Ha! My first make out session started because of a cherry stem. (I proceed to tie all 4 stems in knots) Did I have dinner? I ate some salad, I guess that counts. Why can't I see the ferris wheel at the Santa Monica pier from here? Do they turn the lights off at a certain time? This view would be better if it was higher on a hill with fewer lights, like the place in Palos Verdes the (ex) boyfriend and I drove to after my last day of work. That was a good view. Even after a crappy day I sure felt lucky to have someone next to me who cared about me. It would be nice to have someone next to me now. (rolling eyes) Get over it, you're fine. You've gone through tough stuff before, and you still have people that care about you and look out for you. I feel like Lorelai from the episode of Gilmore Girls where she has a lot of good things happening, but it's all being overshadowed by current problems - running out of money for the inn she's opening, her business partner being super busy with her family to take some of the weight off her shoulders, her daughter/best friend Rory's schedule not matching up to see her...she goes to ask Luke for money but ends up dumping her emotions on him in a full out crying fit saying that she's a strong woman, she likes her life, but sometimes she wishes there was someone else, a partner - think husband - to pick up the slack, to be there to support. That would be nice... but I don't want kids right now; I have too much training to do if I'm going to be a successful aerialist. I can't wait to see my nieces and nephews in a couple of months! My birthday is going to be awesome!

*From there, my thoughts skipped to other men I found attractive in my late HS years and the ways I asked a few of them to sadie hawkins dances, one who turned me down and then showed up to another dance with one of my friends, an awesome date in college who dressed up as Tobias from arrested development to attend a famous couples themed activity with me, etc. Then I finished my frozen yogurt and drove home thinking about sneaking in to an apartment complex to use their hot tub, wondering what companies and positions I would seek out first to send my spiffy new resume to, wondering if it was too late to call my sister on the phone...

I swear my brain doesn't stop.

A Little Bit of Charity Goes A Long Way

On Sunday I was approached by a gal at my church whose face I recognized, but I couldn't remember her name. That's kind of how it is for me with a lot of people there- I recognize them, have probably had a brief conversation, maybe two with them, but don't end up committing their name to memory when these brief conversations don't convert into a friendship in the long run. It's usually the same on their end as well.

As a side note I tend to dislike the small talk conversations that take place when you're first getting to know someone; they're all the same:
"Hi, what's your name? Where are you from? Have you lived here long? What do you do out here? Cool, nice to meet you!" If I wore the answers to those questions on a sign around my neck would you come up with something different, or just not ask me anything at all?

But back to my story about Sunday... Though this gal asked me if she was correct, she did remember my name, and started a real conversation with me. When she learned that I was on the hunt for a new full-time job and not receiving a lot of response from the amount of positions I've been applying for she offered to take a look at my résumé and see what she could do to help. She contacted me the next day to schedule a time to meet up later in the week, and she offered the use of her computer since my laptop died on me several weeks ago. She then followed up this afternoon to confirm our meeting time.

Tonight she spent over two hours with me rewriting my résumé in a way that highlights my skills that relate to the jobs I'm applying for. I've never had a résumé that looked this good! If that wasn't more than generous, she immediately had me log in to LinkedIn and update my information to match the new résumé. She wasn't obligated in any way to help me, and she didn't want anything in exchange for helping me. I am incredibly grateful for the time she took to help out someone in need, just because she could.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Socks, Tide Pools, and Part-Time Jobs

I started my part time job at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I don't know if I like the job yet (I know I don't like the pay), but I do like the people I work with. The manager of my store seems invested in her employees, and has very little turnover with her staff because of it. Knowing that I had applied for a shift supervisor position rather than the barista position I was hired for, my manager had me meet with another location's manager today since they will likely have a shift supervisor position available fairly soon. I will continue to train at my current location, but it's nice to know that there are already people who are looking out for me and trying to give me advancement opportunities.

In other news I am once again without a roommate; the gal who moved in at the beginning of March was having a pretty rough time out here in LA and decided to take a break and move back home to Canada for the time being. I was sad to see her go, she was one of the best roommates I've had recently. I have someone coming over to see the place later this week, and am exchanging emails with another gal about the spot, so hopefully I'll have a new roommate move in May 1st!

I don't know if it's the change in weather or some other factor, but my body is mad at me! My face is going through a small breakout, which isn't that abnormal, but it is simultaneously dry and flaky on my chin, around my nose, and along my hairline on my forehead. My cheeks can also feel a little dry. It's a weird little combo. Add to that I've gained a bit of a tan from being outside, and none of my makeup currently matches my skin tone. I kind of look like a bit of a mess.

My feet are having separate issues- my three little toes on my left foot are scraped up from slipping on rocks while wandering around some tide pools over the weekend, the bottom of my right foot is tender from stepping on a bee on the beach on my way to the tide pools, and I'm starting to think I'm developing athlete's foot around my toes on my right foot. I've slathered my feet with Neosporin and anti-fungal cream respectively, and have donned socks for the night. I hope it helps; I hate sleeping with socks on.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I'm In Time Out

...Until I can adjust my attitude and be able to blog without being overly pessimistic, sarcastic, or unpleasant.

(I was turned down for another great job today.)