Sunday, April 17, 2011

Strange Happenings

Sometimes I feel like I have nothing to blog about when I don't have pictures. But really, that's not true! So, I decided that I'm going to try and do some shorter posts more often, and throw in a regular full-pictured post once or twice a month as usual. I have had a couple of strange experiences within the last couple of weeks; they are unrelated to each other, but they aren't so big that they require their own post either... It seemed like every morning for about a week I would wake up with a song in my head. This isn't an unusual occurance, really - I often wake up with a song in my head. It's just that this particular week it was suddenly the song "Yeah 3X" by Chris Brown. Every. Single. Morning. (If you need help figuring out what song I'm talking about, please refer to the first song on my playlist above). I do think the song is catchy even if it's not my most favorite, it's popular right now on the radio, and since I work in the music industry I listen to the radio a LOT to keep up on current hits. Still, this didn't justify the reason I woke up singing it every day. I finally figured it out. My phone alarm is what wakes me up every morning, and the sound that it makes is three notes that are oddly similar to the chorus of the song - at about minute 1:13. I'm now considering changing my alarm ring. The second strange thing happened just before I left my house for work one morning. I had already finished my makeup, and since my hair was still wet, I grabbed a hair tie that I put on my wrist so I could put my hair up later at work. I went about gathering my belongings and some automobile-friendly breakfast items and started heading for my shoes when I realized that the hair tie I had placed on my wrist was missing. I went back to my bathroom drawer to make sure I wasn't hallucenating and confirmed the fact that I had taken my hair tie. I re-traced my steps, looked on my bed, in my purse, etc. with no luck. Then, remembering I had done this once before... I hiked up my pant leg, and pulled down my sock to find my hair tie happily sitting around my ankle. Yep. I have a magic hair tie that likes to disappear, and reappear on my ankle! I can only assume you're thinking "what the... how did that happen?!?" Trust me, I thought the same thing the first time it happened. I will tell you. It only happens when I wear my long socks that come up just below my knees. In order to put these socks on, I reach my right hand/arm into the bottom of the sock, and then slide my left thumb down my arm to bunch up the sock and put on my foot. Maybe that doesn't make sense....go put on a sock and pay attention to how you do it. Then you might get it! Anyhow, sometime during that thumb sliding/sock bunching maneuver I manage to situate the hair tie in my sock, which then gets pulled on to my ankle. Talented - I know!