Saturday, February 23, 2013

On The Hunt

I seriously dislike looking for a job. In the past it has been difficult to find positions in the entertainment field (as the industry is often based on who you know), and let alone positions that I feel qualified for, and I'm really not very good at interviewing. How bad can I be, you ask? When I was 24 years old I almost didn't get hired at Target (which was supposed to be a shoo-in job even for someone in high school) because of my interview. I also ran for homecoming queen one year in college and was eliminated after the interview round. I'm just not good at answering incredibly open-ended questions in a way that puts me in a positive light.

So here I am, once again looking for a job in the entertainment industry and potentially facing more open-ended questions in the interview process, but I am finding that it's a little easier this time. Many companies now have their jobs posted online (thank you, LinkedIn), even ones in the entertainment field! I have found several jobs just in the last week that I have been able to apply for just by typing in a little bit of personal information and quickly uploading a resume and cover letter. Better yet, I now feel like I have some experience under my belt and I'm finding more opportunities I feel qualified for. Ignoring the fact that some jobs have more than a hundred other applicants, I'm staying positive and preparing myself for the next step if someone decides to call me in for an interview. I have to remind myself that my last employment interview resulted in a full-time position I held for more than 2 1/2 years - I CAN DO THIS!!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Proverbial Rug Under My Feet

"Wow- this must mean you're really good at manifesting things... Be careful what you say! I know you'll be okay though, because of how positive you are. This will be a good thing, so many opportunities will come from this!"

I was sitting in the office at Fly Studios (where I teach birthday parties) yesterday afternoon airing my bad day to the studio owner. She always comments on my positivity and joyfulness, and I needed a dose of that when I left the office. The rug had just been pulled out from under me. I was laid off.

Maybe the studio owner is right about me being good at manifesting things- I did just recently post about being bored and wanting to transition completely into entertainment, and I have told many people that this is the year that I was planning on leaving the company. It just happened sooner than I had planned.

In experiences past whenever the rug was suddenly pulled out from under my feet it meant a lot was going to change in my life. It always resulted in me moving away from the city I was living in for one reason or another. I don't know what it means this time yet, but to start I guess I'd better update my résumé and look for something in the career field I want in L.A. before jumping ship. The problem with L.A. though is how expensive it is to live here; I have higher bills. I'm paying double my rent because I've had no luck finding a roommate, I have a car loan and student loans to pay. I'm really not sure how this one is going to play out, and it makes me nervous.

Let's try it out- if I'm good at manifesting things I would like a new roommate to move in ASAP to lower my rent, and I would like a full time job working with up and coming musicians. Something flexible enough to allow me to keep up on my aerial training.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Yesterday I spent a good portion of the work day sneezing. I can't believe I'm feeling sick AGAIN; I think this may be the third cold I've had since the beginning of the year!

I can normally predict when I'm going to get sick, due to being in close contact with 4 other people in my office and knowing too much about their personal habits. It's almost guaranteed that when my boss comes into the office sick I end up with the same thing two days later. I've tried putting out hand sanitizer where he'll use it (he doesn't), wiping down my keyboard, mouse, phone, and doorknobs with Clorox wipes, my coworkers and I tried to convince our boss to work from home the first few days he's feeling sick (that never happens), and one coworker brought in a large box of Emergen-C for everyone to use. I still get sick. It's becoming increasingly frustrating every time I start getting the sniffles - why can't I stay healthy? This time though, I can't put the blame on my boss - he's out of town.

I've tried some of the typical things to avoid getting sick - drinking more water, getting more sleep, etc. but so far I haven't seen much improvement. I occasionally drink some Emergen-C at work, but have been hesitant to drink too much since I have an allergy to oranges (or vitamin C or citric acid...not sure exactly what I'm allergic to, I just know orange makes my eyes swell up and itch). Last night at the grocery store I started stocking up on different items I was hoping would help me kick this cold quickly and keep me healthy for a while. I bought some throat drops, Airborne, herbal tea meant for congestion, spicy soup, some vitamins with a little vitamin c, and... a carton of orange juice. I know I'm taking a gamble here, but am obviously feeling desperate. I need something to boost my immune system.

Cross your fingers I don't wake up rubbing my eyes tomorrow - I'm opening the juice tonight.