Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Weekly Scheduling

My schedule is out of control! I'm busy all the time, I stay up way too late for no good reason (like right now), and therefore I am not accomplishing everything I need to in a timely manner. I have decided I need to get my evenings back on a normal-ish schedule so I can guarantee that I'm getting enough sleep throughout the week, and allowing time to get some work done! 

Rules I'm going to start implementing to help me do this:

1. Lights out by 11pm when I work an early shift the next day; midnight on other days.
2. Electronics off at least 30 minutes before lights out. This means I need to set the alarm on my phone for the next day before the electronic curfew.
3. Up by 8:30am on days/mornings off.
4. 10am-11am on Tuesdays and Thursdays are specifically dedicated to working on my business. I must be dressed and fed before this time so I can give this work my undivided attention for the entire hour. No social media may be used during this time. Email is okay only if it's directly related to business. I can work longer if I want to, but I cannot work less than this hour.

I may add to this list if needed, but I think it's a good list to start with. Please feel free to check up on me to make sure I'm following through!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Swing Turn Around

I know we're in a pretty severe drought, but it's really hard not to enjoy this sunny California winter! I get to drive up to Simi Valley about once a week to fly at the Cotton Candy Club and soak up the sunshine. 

This week I finally got the nerve up to try a swing turn around. This is not an incredibly difficult move to do, but for me it was a little mental battle. Last year before I left my old studio I had attempted this trick one time, and it was not good.

When you first start learning this trick the cheater version is to begin with your hand gripping the fly bar from underneath so that you can turn your body 180 degrees at the front end of your first swing to return to the pedestal immediately. Once you get the hang of the turn around you progress to beginning with your hand gripping the fly bar the way you would for a regular take off. You do a full swing, this time switching your hand grip to grab under the fly bar as you're in your "seven" at the back end of your swing, turning around at the front end of your second swing.

At the old studio I had been comfortable doing the cheater version and was ready to move on to the two swing version. I took off fine, but when it came time to switch my hand at the back end of my swing I let my legs get into more of a six o clock position instead of keeping them in front of me in a seven. This resulted in slamming my left foot down HARD on the pedestal. I kept my head together and didn't do anything else stupid like letting go of the bar - I just adjusted my hands and did a face-off to the net to come down. Have you ever jammed your finger? That's what it felt like I did to my ankle; it was sore and stiff for months! I half wonder if I may have fractured something. Anyway, after that I never felt confident enough to attempt it again. Until this last Wednesday. Below is my first attempt. It's about time I got back on that horse!