Thursday, March 15, 2012

Everything Breaks In March

I've had a case of bad luck this month so far... hopefully it was just leading up to the "Ides of March" and is now over with! Things that have broken:

  1. The heater in our apartment. I really think the pilot light went out, but I have no idea how to light it myself, and honestly, I'm afraid of blowing something up, so I contacted our apartment manager (who is the daughter of the owner). She's always had her cousins or someone else she knows do all the repairs around here, so contacting her was my obvious solution to the problem. Except this time she didn't help me. She told me to call the gas company because they can light pilot lights for free. I called them a week ago, and still have to wait another week for the first available appointment time they had. My apartment is FREEZING!!
  2. My phone (Blackberry). It refused to fully boot up after installing an update for an app. Every time I tried to turn it on it would try to boot up, but click off and try again. And again. And again. Instead of getting a new Blackberry or HTC Evo through my company's plan (which I had been on for nearly a year), I decided to branch out on my own and get an iPhone. It's pretty. But I don't have all my numbers imported, so if you text me and I don't know who you are, don't be offended.
  3. My right front tire. Went flat while driving to a friend's house after dinner on Wednesday evening. No big deal - I pulled over and replaced my tire with my full sized spare in my trunk. Did it all by myself and was back in the driver's seat only 14 minutes later!
  4. My left front tire. Yep. Happened only hours after the right front tire went flat, but this one decided to go out with flare by blowing out while I was going 70mph on the highway on my way home from my friend's house. I ended up having friends rescue me with their AAA membership and was towed to the parking lot of a tire place where I had to leave my car overnight and return this morning when they opened. I now have one new tire and am still driving on my spare until the shop can get a second tire in from their warehouse.
I REALLY hope that's the last of it... I can't even eat junk food to make myself feel better. =)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Catcher's Trapeze Reel

Most often when I go to trapeze I work with the same catcher. His name is Matt. Over the past couple of months he has had people film him catching, and he put together this reel. I make three appearances: I'm the first flier on video, and then show up again at minute 2:22, and 2:41. Well, to be completely honest I'm in the video more than those three times, but those are the only times where I am doing the flying; the other times I'm standing up on the board (the place where we take off). Enjoy!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

And So It Begins

Several weeks ago I became aware of how much sugar in the form of candy and desserts I was putting into my body. I have a serious sweet tooth!! While I have been subconsciously justifying my sugar consumption because of the frequency in which I exercise (three times a week minimum - thanks to my aerial acrobatics addiction) I decided it was time to put a stop to it, and see just how much better, healthier, and stronger I felt without it. Today is March 1st - the first day of my one-month aversion to candy and desserts. I'm not eliminating ALL sugar - I realize there is natural sugar in fruit, and I like to use juice cocktails in my home-made smoothies; stuff like that can stay. What doesn't stay is the chocolate, cookies, cakes, etc, etc. that I usually go hunting for after dinner. This means:

  • No indulging in the Easter candy that is ALREADY in every grocery store (even though the holiday isn't until April 8th!!).
  • No partaking in the oh-so-common Mormon "dessert parties" where there's nothing to do but talk and eat junk food (the talking is okay, clearly).
  • NO GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!! I am sad about this one. I ordered 4 boxes of cookies that haven't come in yet - they will have to find a corner of my freezer to sit in until April. Sigh...
  • No soda. This wasn't a part of my original plan (because I really don't drink soda all that often) but as I was sipping a coke during lunch today I realized that I could easily fall back into that bad habit as a substitute.

So there it is. Dessert/candy/soda free for a month. I got this.