Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Quick Update

I just noticed I haven't posted a blog in nearly a month, but I'm still not super motivated to give a big thorough update. Here is a quick list of excuses of what's been keeping me busy/why I haven't had time to post anything:

-I visited Colorado to see my dog one last time before she got put to sleep
-I bought a new car and after fighting with the bank I finally received all the paperwork I need so I can go register at the DMV later this week
-My parents came to California for Labor Day weekend and we went to the L.A. County Fair, Sea World, and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park
-I got a new roommate
-Work has been unusually super-busy for September; I chalk it up to the mad skills of my coworker and I, and am glad that we have now hired on two more office employees to help with the overflow
-I had a friend and her sister come in to town for a weekend that was spent at the L.A. County Fair (2nd time I went), and at Disneyland
-I organized my bedroom closet
-I'm reading an incredibly addictive book right now and am loving that I am so in to it. I've missed my reading habit
-I'm training to be a birthday party instructor at one of my aerial studios and led my first party this last weekend
-I'm still training (taking classes) at the other aerial studio up to 3x/week
-I went to the L.A. County Fair a 3rd time - I'm almost as addicted as I was last year and am positive I'll go at least once more before it closes at the end of the month
-I think I gave myself mild heat stroke Saturday morning while working the boards (pedestal) at flying trapeze - it has been HOT here!
-I'm planning another trip to Colorado to see my younger brother before he ships out to Afghanistan with the ARMY in November
-I can't seem to find time to do laundry

Maybe I'll try to post pictures or something soon; I feel like my blog has been lacking in visual stimuli for quite some time. Hope this list will hold you over until then...