Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Not What You'd Expect...

I took a quick trip to Colorado this weekend, and was able to stop and stay in Hurricane, Utah at my Aunt and Uncle's house both on my way up and on my way back home. On the way home however, I took a few extra hours to relax at their house in the morning before I got in my car and finished up the drive. While there my Aunt had a repair man come over to fix their dishwasher. She left him in the kitchen while she got ready for the day, and I wandered into the living room to use their computer. That was when the repair man's cell phone rang. Really loud. And definitely not with a ring tone I'd expect to hear coming from a 25-35 year old single (at least, no ring on the finger) man. I was glad I was in the other room, because, how could I have resisted laughing when I heard Miley Cyrus singing "The Climb" blaring from the kitchen??

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I recently introduced you to a niece of mine. Tonight, I'd like to introduce another. This is Shelby:

While I realize this isn't the most *ahem, flattering picture of the little cutie, I absolutely adore it! You ask this two year old to smile for the camera, and you typically get a cheese-ball expression such as the one you just witnessed. I LOVE it.

Anyway, a few days ago Shelby celebrated her third birthday. You might believe she's only three because of how tiny she is, but if you listened to her speak you might think she's, well, thirteen. It's pretty amusing. Here's the latest conversation I had with her when I called to wish her a Happy Birthday:

Me: Hi Shelby! Happy Birthday! How old are you now?
Shel: I'm three. I'm not two anymore. I'm three.

(skipping the part where I sing Happy Birthday in Spanish...)

Me: What are you doing today?
Shel: I'm getting a fairy cake; we're going to eat it at night.
Me: After dinner?
Shel: Yep.

(She then proceded to tell me that some of her friends were coming. They weren't. But this is where it gets good...)

Me: Well that sounds like fun!
Shel: Uh-huh! And on your birthday I'll give you a Strawberry Shortcake cake and a party for your friends. Except, you don't have any friends.
Me: ... (laughing and changing the subject), Guess what? I'm going to see you in 3 days!
Shel: No. Four days.
Me: No, I'll be there in three days.
Shel: No! Four days!
Me: Well, can I see you in three days instead because it's sooner?
Shel: Bye.

Funniest part is I only today realized that it really was going to be four days until I saw her. She obviously didn't want to waste her time arguing with me when she knew she was right!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I want to be like that couple...

It seems like wherever I look these days I see couples. I like to observe couples who have been together for various amounts of time, and oftentimes I feel like I want to emulate them:

I want to be like that couple I saw standing on a corner of downtown Salt Lake City when I was driving out of town - fairly young, no kids (at least, not yet), with backpacking backpacks strapped on their backs and a map in their hands. They were setting out on an adventure to wherever they desired with only the most basic necessities and each other to rely on.

I want to be like that couple I saw somewhere on the stretch of higway between Provo and St. George driving a classic car with the top down. Sporting a bit of salt and pepper gray in his hair, the husband donned shades and easily maneuvered the car around the gentle curves of the road while his wife leaned back in her seat with a soft smile on her lips and kept one hand lightly on her sun hat while enjoying the warm Autumn breeze caressing her face. They had already traveled so many roads together, some probably rougher than others, but now were at a calm point in their lives where their children were probably grown and raising families of their own. They fully enjoyed each other's company.

I want to be like that couple that lives downstairs and across the walkway from me. Old, white haired and slightly bent, the husband always leaves the driver's seat of their automobile quickly to open his wife's door and help situate her walker. He sends her ahead of him down the narrow path while he locks up the car, and then quickly shuffles past her to ensure that he has the front door of their home open and waiting for her to cross the threshold. He anticipates her every move, and would never miss an opportunity to serve the one he loves.

I want to be like those couples.