Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Random Stuff. And Fish.

I miss blogging! I have plenty of time to, but it's just not nearly as fun as when I have pictures to add. I'm hesitant to write too many blogs without pictures for fear of boring anyone who may read my blog... because, really, I don't enjoy reading lengthy blogs that are all words, all the time. I like seeing what's going on in other's lives as well as reading about them, so I assume that's the general consensus (yes - that was me putting myself and my ideas at the center of the universe. You're welcome).

Work is going well. I'm getting better at what I'm doing, which means I get more projects dropped on my desk each week. I don't mind really, but kind of want time to get ahead on my main projects now and then. On the bright side, more projects mean my boss trusts me even more, right? Heck - why am I asking you? There's only three of us in the office including the boss; I can tell he trusts me just fine (hmmm... I'm a little sassy tonight). We've started conducting a DJ workshop once a week which allows me to get several hours of overtime on a regular basis, which my bank account is grateful for. I think I'll specifically set aside the money that comes from overtime so I can pay off my student loan quicker. Or maybe I'll save it for something else... like the Mediterranean. We shall see. Either way, there's a lot of saving to be done.

I'm still looking for another roommate to share the master bedroom with me in my apartment; I've even moved all of my stuff away from that side of the room so it's ready for instant move-in. Now pray I can find someone soon so I can pay lower rent!

I bought a new pet fish (a betta)... I finally missed Lloyd enough that I had to do something about it. I still had all the fish stuff I needed, but I did spring for new rocks to put in the bottom of the bowl. My new fish is named Duberdicus (the Lusitanian god of water). He has a very fringy tail that is super awesome looking. The end of the tail is mainly red, then has a small white stripe before the blue fades in to the back end of his body; his head and face are kind of white. He's quite patriotic. And I love him! You should see him beg for treats when I get home from work - it's cute! The day I bought him I ate sushi for dinner... it seemed appropriately perverse.

....aaaand that's my life as of late. Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chronically-ill Camera

For about a year my camera had a hard time taking pictures. Funny, right? Since that's all a camera is supposed to do... Anyway, the shutter button (you may have to excuse my lack of camera vocabulary) was extremely tempermental - sometimes to the point where I'd give up and go without whatever picture I had just spent 5 minutes trying to capture.

Then, magically, it got better!

My camera was working perfect for several months and I was happy to share the miraculous story with whoever would listen. Then I went to my family reunion, saw cousins I hadn't seen in 10+ years, met all their cute kids, went to pull out my camera to take pictures of all of them.... and the lens cover-thing wouldn't open! The camera turns on fine, the zoom adjusts when I mess with it and I can access the menu and pictures on the memory card that already exist, but the darn thing wont open the cover of the lens. At all. Not for a charged battery or for my fingernails trying to pry it open manually.

I sure hope my camera gets better again.