Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Highway Driving

I drove out of town both weekends we've had in August. The first was an unexpected trip up to Utah to attend a funeral (I may blog about that in a later post), and the second was to be in the bridal party of a friend's wedding in Las Vegas. Once upon I time when I lived in Las Vegas I took road trips more often because the places I wanted to go, like Colorado, Utah, and California, were close enough that I didn't feel that flying was necessary. I developed great driving stamina with my trips home to Colorado which was roughly a 10-12 hour drive depending on traffic/construction, and weather. On a good trip I could make it home with only two stops for gas and the use of a restroom. Since moving to California I typically fly anytime I go out of town - especially since Colorado is more of a two day trip from here.

Anyhow, I spent a lot of time on the highway recently and encountered several frustrating experiences that gave me the desire to remind the general public of a few common courtesies while cruising the open roads:

1. Turn Signals.
2. Passing Lanes.
3. Cruise Control.

Thank you.