Friday, January 13, 2012

The Velveeta Follow Up

I had a dream last night (after my experience with the Velveeta mac and cheese)...

I was eating what appeared to be ice cream or yogurt, but it was not normal. It was too thick, and make my mouth stick closed. By the end of my dream I was using my fingers to unsuccessfully try and scrape the crud out of my mouth. When I woke up I felt incredibly nauseous and couldn't shake the feeling until sometime after lunch.

I believe I have learned my lesson!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Velveeta - One VERY Good Reason Not to Shop When You're Hungry

The box says "Reduced fat pasteurized prepared cheese product." I think it should be changed to say "Edible glue."

When I was a nanny one summer in high school I was taught how to make macaroni and cheese for the kids I watched using Velveeta. I remember liking it and convincing my mother to buy the stuff once so I could make it for the family. She was not impressed with the results.

Many many moons have passed since I had last eaten Velveeta, and I had nearly forgotten of its existence when I spied it in the grocery store last week. I was on my way home from work and decided it would be most convenient if I did my grocery shopping before I had eaten dinner. This shopping-while-hungry thing typically results in a few impulse buys in addition to my needed grocery items; on this particular outing my impulse buy was the 2lb brick of Velveeta.

Never again.

Tonight I cooked up a batch of macaroni and cheese and dished up a large bowl to enjoy. The first spoonful told me I had made a poor choice (as if the box hadn't already warned me - what other food product can you keep refrigerated for up to 8 weeks after opening??). The "cheese" stuck to my lips and was so thick it couldn't even be licked off of my spoon. Each bite I took was harder and harder to get through, especially since it thickens as it cools. It was also starting to make me super thirsty. I only made it about a third of the way through my dinner before my body made it clear that if I tried to eat any more I would be re-acquainted with everything I had already put down.

I hate wasting food - or in this case "food." Bad news is that I still have more than half of the brick left, and no desire to use it. Takers??